We are supported by an Advisory Board bringing together experts from academia, service provision, industry and those with lived experience of mental health problems. Advisory Board members support our work in an independent capacity and do formally represent their employer. We’re very lucky to have their support.

Deborah Allen

Deborah Allen is a Training Specialist and Disability Champion for a national healthcare organisation. She was formerly the Lead Trainer at Business Disability Forum and has also worked as a teacher. Deborah has personal experience of mental ill health and has a family history of both mental health problems and financial hardship.

Sue Ayton

Sue Ayton is a partner at Knight Ayton Management, that represents a large number of factual broadcasters and writers. She has vast experience and numerous connections in news and current affairs and across the areas of history, science, business, consumer issues and lifestyle.

Luciana Berger MP

Luciana Berger is Labour and Co-operative MP for Liverpool Wavertree and former shadow minister for mental health. She frequently campaigns on the issues of waiting times and funding for mental health services and is a strong advocate of talking therapies. As shadow minister, Luciana toured mental health services and organisations across the country.


Dr. Billy Boland

Billy Boland is a Consultant Psychiatrist in Community Psychiatry and Associate Medical Director for Quality and Safety at Hertfordshire Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust. His interests include quality improvement, social care and safeguarding in mental health services. Dr Boland is also an Elected Member of the Executive Committee of the General Adult Psychiatry Faculty at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Sharon Collard

Sharon Collard is a Professor of Personal Finance and Research Director at the University of Bristol’s Personal Finance Research Centre. Sharon has 16 years’ experience of policy-focused social research on social inclusion. Sharon is a commissioner at the Financial Inclusion Commission and has conducted extensive research in areas such as personal finance capability and financial exclusion.


Martin Coppack

Martin is an independent member of the Advisory Board, acting in a personal capacity. Martin created the Financial Conduct Authority’s model for engaging with consumer and special interest groups as well as its consumer vulnerability and financial inclusion programmes. Martin is currently a Board member of the Nationwide Foundation, an independent Commissioner for the Commission on Financial Inclusion and an adviser to Young Scot. He currently leads stakeholder engagement for the Banking Standards Board.


Chris Fitch

Chris Fitch has led research on debt and mental health for almost a decade. Chris works with the Money Advice Trust and the Personal Finance Research Centre at the University of Bristol, much of his research focuses on vulnerability. Before this, Chris was a Research Fellow at the Royal College of Psychiatrists.


Lee Healey

Lee Healey is Founder and Managing Director of IncomeMax, a social enterprise that offers independent personal money advice. Lee has 21 years of experience supporting vulnerable and low income families, having held roles at the Department for Work and Pensions and in the charitable advice sector.


Dr. Ricky Kanabar

Ricky Kanabar is Assistant Professor of Social Policy at the University of Bath. Prior to his appointment at Bath, Ricky was a founding member of the Understanding Society Policy Unit working with government departments on joint projects using the United Kingdom Household Longitudinal Study; one of the few longitudinal household surveys that collects information about both people’s debt profile and their mental health.

Rt Hon. Norman Lamb MP

Norman Lamb has been Liberal Democrat MP for North Norfolk since 2001. In the coalition, Norman served as Minister of State for Care and Support at the Department of Health, where he campaigned for parity of esteem between mental and physical health and the integration of health and social care. Norman is the current Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Health.


Sandra Lawman

Sandra Lawman is a specialist in mental health with extensive experience in the public, private and voluntary sectors. She has held positions including administrator of the Maudsley Charity, Chair of Social Services in Lambeth and Trustee and Chair of the Audit Committee at Rethink Mental Illness. Sandra has lived experience of mental health problems, she has a diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder, and has also been a carer for her long term partner.

Aoife ní Luanaigh

Aoife Ni Luanaigh is a researcher with more than ten years’ experience of designing, conducting, and directing research and evaluation programmes. She has worked for the University of Cambridge, in the private sector, and in government. Aoife has lived experience of mental health problems and is particularly interested in how people can be supported to access and stay in work and education during periods of ill health.


Johnny Mercer MP

Johnny Mercer is Conservative MP for Plymouth, Moor View. Before taking office, Johnny served in the army, and as an MP he has campaigned on a number of mental health issues, such as combatting stigma and improving support for veterans.


Léonora Miles

Léonora Miles is Senior Financial Services Policy Adviser at a national charity. She has held a number of positions in policy and financial services, including three years at the Financial Services Authority.

Paul Scates

Paul Scates is a creative events and mental health ambassador, who delivers training sessions and presentations on mental health issues. Paul has lived experience of bipolar disorder, this has been debilitating for extended periods of Paul’s adult life, but he has now found stability through a routine of self-management. Paul is currently training to be a professional counsellor.


Anthony Sharp

Anthony Sharp is a founding member and former Chair of the Money Advice Liaison Group. Under his stewardship, MALG has supported the personal debt industry to develop a better understanding of the relationship between debt and mental health problems, leading to substantial improvements in how people with mental health problems are dealt with by creditors, debt collectors and debt advice services alike.

Professor Dame Til Wykes

Til Wykes is Professor of Clinical Psychology and Rehabilitation at King’s College London, much of her research focuses on rehabilitation and recovery for people with severe mental health problems. Professor Wykes also edits the Journal of Mental Health and is Vice Dean of Psychology and System Sciences at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience.


Rachel Turner

Rachel Turner is the founder of Achieve Unlimited, a business consultancy and entrepreneurial coaching service. She has a degree in Applied Psychology from Sussex University and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach. Rachel has offered to provide Money and Mental Health with organisational and strategic support.

Caroline Wells

Caroline has over two decades of strategic and operational leadership, and a deep-rooted knowledge of the financial services sector. Formerly head of outreach and customer insight at the Financial Ombudsman Service, in 2017 she set up her consultancy Different Petal and co-founded MeIncluded, a disabled access review website. Caroline also holds a number of advisory roles, including at the; National Centre for Diversity, Money Advice Trust and for the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner.