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Martin Lewis OBE

Martin is an award-winning campaigning broadcaster, newspaper columnist and author, as well as the founder of Money Saving Expert.

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Vivienne Bellau

Vivienne is a retired solicitor and former Mental Health Appeal Tribunal judge.


Joanna Kay

Joanna is a qualified solicitor who has worked in both City law practices and FTSE 100 companies.


Paul Kirby

Paul is currently a Visiting Professor at the LSE and a Non-Executive Director of the Cabinet Office. Until recently, he was a partner at KPMG.


Richard Lloyd

Richard is Executive Director at the Consumers’ Association, Which? and has 25 years’ experience of providing services for vulnerable people, making policy and campaigning for good causes.

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Simi Ryatt

Simi Ryatt is the Chief Executive of Hammersmith & Fulham Citizens Advice, with a background in law and business development.